Charles Deweese Construction Inc.

Since 1993, Charles DeWeese has been providing clients with quality projects on time and within budget. CDCI offers qualified project managers and superintendents with many years of field experience. We use GPS, Nuclear Gauges, Project Management Software, and have a licensed Professional Engineer on staff to ensure projects stay on track.


CDCI is a recognized industry leader and we attribute our consistent growth and success to wise investments. We invest in the right people and train them continuously in technology, leadership, and safety. Investments in technology and up to date equipment ensure productivity, efficiency, and quality results. With our experienced workforce, equipment fleet, safety, and financial stability, we can accomplish the most challenging projects. CDCI is a prequalified contractor for the Department of Transportation in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina, and Indiana. We are honored to have won many major industry awards as well as attracted positive media attention for our clients and ourselves.


Charles Deweese Construction Inc Headquarters